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This game is very nice and i love the art :D Greetings from Germany!

Cool short story!

Well, that took a turn.

This game was both creepy and adorable at the same time. Something which I never thought anyone could do but you pulled it off fantastically and I have to say that this video was my favourite games to play. It really does get the message across that this is a little girl just looking for attention from a neglectful mother and father (well that was the vibe I received from it) while sticking to its horror theme. Loved playing the game and I hope to see more of your games. Your game is forth in the video. 

I found this game to be adorable in a delightfully morbid kinda way. It was cute and fun and brought back lots of memories. Thank you for the chance to play this game!

Lovely art style and story!

This is such an adorable little horror game. I really enjoyed the art and music. <3

This was a really cool game.  I REALLY love the art style.  I'm not sure exactly what happened at the end, but this was awesome!  Keep up the good work.

Very awesome point and click horror game. I've always loved the point and click style games they are so neat. 

This was so cute. Well, cute and creepy at the same time. The art is lovely and the cartoony aesthetic really sets a nice atmosphere. The ending is quite gloomy, but it definitely adds a greatly appreciated backstory. Great job! 

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

Short but sweet. Nicely done.

Such a cute yet sad game! I loved how I was lured in with adorable, Fisher-Price styled art and hooked by the unfolding mystery. Well done, I hope you make more games in the future! ♡♡♡

Thanks!:D Great video!

Of course! I really hope you're still developing, your balance of cute and horror is quite fun! :3

Also, have you considered uploading Mary's Nightmare to GameJolt as well? Might be able to hook even more players in! c:

Thank you for sharing this information with me! It sounds great, I'll definitely check it out :D

This was a cool (if sad) experience! My only gripe would be the music at the end was really loud, but not enough to detract from the experience. I kinda wish there was more to it, I feel like I haven't done enough for Mary q_q

Thank you very much! Video is great! :D

I liked your game :D I thought the art style was cute like fisher price, and the story was suprisingly interesting for only being 5 minutes-ish long. Thanks a lot for making it, keep it up!

Lumps Play is pop-up commentary. Try it!

Thanks for your video and feedback!:D

Made a video -

Thank you very much!

hi, this is a really creepy great game. thx a lot. i love it so much to can play this big big game. childhood can be so hard. thx and greetz from germany

Thank you very much! Although I don't understand German, this video is great! I'm glad that you found the secret hidden in closet when it's dark.:)

hi, thx a lot. your game is really great and i hope, that i can play more games from you in the future. i love your artwork and design so much :) greetings and have a good time

Hi, you know what? I freaking loved this game. It has a nice and sweet design. Mary is such a cutie ^_^ The whole atmosphere is really well made. I liked the difference between our room with and without the light. Also that mask-face was so creepy. To tell you the truth I began to play this game without watching the trailer so it was really interesting for me to try and guess what the background story was, and why Mary looked the way she looked... And speaking once again about trailer i.e. game's final scene actually I kind of missed it in a game too, cause I turned the light off and the game kind of looped itself. Anyway once again, nice game. Good luck with future projects. I hope you'll make something as amazing as this little thing pretty soon ^_^


Thanks a lot for the elaborate feedback! Yes the game may has some bugs that I need to find out and fix. Anyway the video is great! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.:)

How could I not? And you're welcome ^_^

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A very short but sweet adventure puzzle game with a very eerie atmosphere at certain points in the game :) I miss spoke by calling this a horror/puzzle game in the video which was my bad lol. I got mixed up as I play a lot of the horror genre you see xD I really enjoyed this little game you have here, good job on it and keep up the great work!

My video :

It IS a horror game actually:) Thanks for the video and feedback! The background story is at the end, you can see it if you continue clicking when the title is shown. You can also check it in the trailer video:

Aaaah I see thank you! :)

Awesome game!! I loved playing this game and i was freaking out about EVERYTHING!! Witness it here and make sure to subscribe if you enjoy!!

Thanks for the awesome video! (And also thanks for helping me find several bugs😂

You're welcome :P

I liked the game, very short and sweet. The art style is really cute too.
The puzzle element was great, wish the game was longer! :)

I did a let's play of it on my channel:

Thanks for playing! (and the video is awesome!) I'm really glad that you like it:)